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8 September
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Nowhere to run...Nowhere to hide!

"Chaos is the law of nature and order is the dream of man and the imposition of order on a corner of chaos is the function --or illusion-- of art" - Henry Adams

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I'm a 23 year old Hispanic male from a lame and boring Texas town called Carrollton (suburb of Dallas). I spend Monday thru Friday getting up at 6 a.m. to sit on my ass in front of a computer for 8 hours and listen to computer illiterate asshats bitch and moan because they don't know how to use the technology that we sell, or they don't know how to do their jobs so they expect us to do it for them. Meanwhile, my dream to own my own video arcade and game shop still lives on.

Anwyays, my main interests/hobbies are watching movies and cartoons, collecting dark art from Yoshitaka Amano, H.R. Giger, Wayne Barlowe, Clive Barker, Brom, and others. I also enjoy watching various sports, jamming to all kinds of music, messing with electronics, catching up on sleep, and just hanging out with friends. I also a big history buff, especially with European and Asian history and culture, and I enjoy a multitude of web comics like MegaTokyo and Mac Hall. Lastly, I'm a huge Star Wars nut, if I haven't made that obvious already.

Oh yeah, and let be known that I don't hold anything back, and if you find something I post offensive, then tough shit! Also note that I'm a big time game and movie addict, and I like to bitch about the downside of work. The majority of what I post about consists of these things, so if you find this stuff "stupid and boring" you're waisting your time here.

Also, if you deem it nessessary to add me to your friend's list, at least be courteous enough to let me know that you're doing so, because having random strangers add me for no apparent reason freaks me out...and pisses me off.

I usually just post about my day and what's going on at the moment, but I have my dark, morbid, and suicidal moments too. Don't worry, I'm a pretty nice and normal guy once you get to know me, but I do enjoy pissing people off for fun and profit! ^_^

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80's rock, 90's grunge, a-kon, adult swim, akira, alex ross, alias, alice in chains, american le mans, amplitude, amy lee, anime, bandai, beamani, biohazard, brom, buffalo bills, cardboard tube samurai, cartoon network, clive barker, clockwork orange, clubs, comedy central, comics, computers, cowboy bebop, cthulu, dallas stars, dance dance revolution, dave attell, dave chappelle, denis leary, dexter's laboratory, drizzt do'urden, dungeons & dragons, dvd, edgar allen poe, electronics, enix, evanescense, family guy, final fantasy, forgotten realms, franz kafka, frequency, futurama, gamecube, garage, garbage, george carlin, gundam, h.p. lovecraft, h.r. giger, harmonix, harry potter, home movies, homestarrunner, ihop, import cars, industrial, insomniac, italian food, j-pop, j-rock, jack black, jennifer garner, jerry cantrell, jim lee, jushin liger, kevin smith, kmfdm, korn, lan parties, limp bizkit, lord of the rings, mac hall, macross, marylin manson, matrix, mcdonalds, mdfmk, megatokyo, metallica, metropolis, mexican food, milla jovovich, movies, nascar, neo-geo, neon genesis evangelion, nfl, nhl, pantara, paul rodriguez, pc games, penny arcade, pizza, playmore, playstation, project a-kon, ps2, punk'd, pvp, r.a salvatore, rally racing, rammstein, real life adventures, resident evil, rob zombie, robotech, role playing, rpgs, rurouni kenshin, sealab 2021, shirley manson, silent hill, smashing pumpkins, snk, sony, south park, space ghost, square-enix, squaresoft, stan lee, star wars, street racing, strongbad, taco bell, techno, tenacious d, the brak show, the offspring, tim burton, tony hawk, tool, toonami, toys, trance, transformers, tv, vampire hunter d, video games, viva la bam, vnv nation, wayne barlowe, wildboyz, yoshitaka amano